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About Us

The background
A small woodshop is created in 1971 in the village of Mia Milia by craftsman Pieris Pieridi. With very few people in its potential, the newly established business is specialized in the sector of timber and manufactures. In 1974, due to the turkish invasion, it closes its doors only to reopen two years later in the non- occupied part. Carrying the empiric know-how and the essential taste, it will accommodate its new unit in Aglantzia where it will continue dealing with general woodworks.

The development
Having created the suitable conditions, and with its long-lasting, ascending course, the company has been gradually developing throughout the years. In 1996 the company becomes even stronger with the presence of the founder’s sons. Angelos, Paris and Nasos Pieridi incorporate new and pioneering ideas in P. Pierides & Sons Ltd and in accordance with the demands of the Cypriot market. This leads to the growth of the company followed by the move of the company’s operations to a privately owned space in the industrial zone of Aglantzia.


The vision and the strategy
Having in mind the demands of modern times, P. Pierides & Sons Ltd, insists in providing quality, flexibility and professionalism. In its continuous attempt to upgrade and excel the company moved its factory in the industrial zone of Aglantzia. After intensive planning, enormous investments and sponsoring by the European Union, P. Pierides & Sons Ltd is now in complete accordance to european standards while at the same time it gives emphasis to the technology sector. Modern equipment allows excellent results in the manufacturing while selected raw material, imported from Germany and Italy is always used. P. Pierides & Sons Ltd is a pioneer in the sector of wholesale sales with regards to the manufacture of cookers and cupboards.

The future
The use of modern technology, in combination with the skilled and specialized personnel, prove the constantly developing spirit with which the householders of P. Pierides & Sons Ltd work with. With a strategically dynamic plan, the company expands continuously, strengthening her place in the market and increasing her competitive advantages. Having in mind the needs of our times, it invests in the design and the manufacture of high technological products with the necessary aesthetic quality, maintaining the initial taste that characterized the founder four decades before.